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Drug Addiction Poems

from: Drug Test Fact

Often, poems and inspirational sayings can help lift spirits and focus on the important things in life. When you are battling a drug addiction, poems can help keep you focused and on track with recovery. It can motivate you toward action and getting help for your addiction.

Perhaps the most well-known poem is “The Serenity Prayer”:

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
To change the things that I can
And the wisdom to know the difference

Since drug addiction requires people to leave their old life behind in order to recover, the next poem called “Begin Again” is quite inspirational:

One of the best things we can do in our lives is
Begin again

Begin to see yourself as you were when you were the happiest
Begin to remember what worked for you and what worked against you
Begin to try and re-capture the magic that is life
Begin to live a lifetime each day as you did when you were a child
Begin to forget your baggage, the problems that don’t matter anymore, the tears that cried themselves away, and the worries that are going to wash away on the shore of tomorrow’s new beginning

Tomorrow tells us it will be here every new day of our lives
If we are wise, we will turn away from the problems of the past
And give the future and ourselves a chance to become the best of friends

Sometimes all it takes is a wish in the heart to let yourself

Begin again

~ Author Unknown

People with a drug addiction can find some beautiful words to live by in a poem. It can speak to them and motivate them to action. For example, this next poem tells us of hope and letting go: “Two Days”:

There are two days in every week
About which we should not worry
Two days
That should be kept free from fear and apprehension

One is yesterday with all its mistakes and cares
Is faults and blunders, its aches and pains

Yesterday has passed forever beyond our control
We cannot undo a single act we performed or erase a single word we said
Yesterday is gone forever

Then there is tomorrow
With all its possibilities, it’s adversities, its burdens, its rewards

Tomorrow’s sun will rise
Either in splendor or behind a mask of clouds
But it will rise

Until it does, we have no stake in tomorrow
For it has yet to be born

That leaves today
Anyone can fight the battle of just one day
It’s when you add the burdens of yesterday and tomorrow
That you break down

It’s not the experience of today that drives a person mad
It’s the remorse or bitterness of something that happened yesterday
And the dread of what tomorrow might bring

Therefore, it only makes sense
For peace of mind and hope
Live simply one day at a time
Live today!

~ Author Unknown

If you are struggling with a drug addiction, try writing your own poem. Look inside your heart, see what the addiction is doing to you and express your feelings in a poem. You may just find that you can inspire yourself!


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PC swaps urinalysis for swabs for drug testing
Oklahoma City Friday
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CHS athletics hold parent meeting - Carlsbad Current Argus

CHS athletics hold parent meeting
Carlsbad Current Argus
Random drug testing - which an outside business conducts - is done via oral cotton swab. Not passing the test will result in a code of conduct violation and possible suspension. Parents are encouraged to read the code of conduct. Transportation was ...

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Defense asks to suppress DNA
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He said he went to the Moose Lodge in Whitehouse to ask Mr. Gustafson for a swab of his mouth to use in DNA testing relating to the complaint. “He was a little nervous, but he was cooperative,” Mr. Leist recalled. Under cross-examination by defense ...


New drug test method can sniff out drugs where they couldn't before - WGEM

New drug test method can sniff out drugs where they couldn't before
The Safety Specialists in downtown Keokuk just started offering surface drug testing at its facility. Technicians swab surfaces and then dab chemicals from a tube on a sheet and can tell if there are traces of drugs if the sheets change colors ...


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Multiple Variables Thwart 'One-Shot' Expectations
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