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Instant Drug Testing Methods & Procedures for Employers, Staffing and Temporary Employment Agencies

from: Serhat Pala

Drug testing involves many different methods and devices that detect whether or not a person has been using drugs or is currently under the influence. Drug testing products are available for home and office use that help concerned parents or employers find out the truth about their teen or employees. Likewise, drug testing procedures assist employers in creating a workplace drug testing program that ensures the safety and wellbeing of their employees while still protecting their rights.

On Site Drug Testing

Substance abuse testing works by means of testing a sample from an individual to find out if drug use has occurred. On site drug testing is typically best for the office and workplace environments as the results can be obtained quickly and action can be taken immediately. On site drug testing can occur in a number of ways. Urine drug testing is the most common drug testing products. It works great as an on site drug test because after a sample is taken, test results are typically available within a few minutes.

Saliva (oral) drug testing is also a convenient means of substance abuse testing. After a collector sponge is saturated in the donor’s saliva, it is placed in a testing device from which results can be read. Spray drug testing is also convenient, but not quite as effective as other drug testing products. Lastly, hair drug testing is probably one of the most accurate drug testing products on the market. While it requires a laboratory to obtain results, this form of on site drug testing requires only a few strands of hair follicles as sample.

Drug Testing Procedures

Creating a drug testing program can be a viable option for employers who wish to increase productivity, lessen the likelihood of jobsite accidents and insurance claims, and maintain a safe working environment for all. In order to organize drug testing procedures for the workplace, it is advisable to seek legal counsel to ensure your company’s program does not violate any federal or state laws or individual rights. Additionally, a clearly written workplace drug testing policy and procedure is required in order for the program to be carried out smoothly. An effective on site drug testing policy will detail when and where the drug testing procedures will be carried out, who will be conducting the tests and disciplinary action to be expected should an individual test positive for an illicit substance.

Another important aspect to take into consideration during the planning stages of drug testing procedures is when drug testing will take place. Deciding on whether or not you will enforce random drug testing, pre-employment screening or only suspicion-based testing gives you as an employer a better idea of how many testing kits required for a given year.

Drug Testing Products

Drug testing products are efficient and effective at screening for drug use. As an employer, it is vital to choose a drug testing product that is easy to use as well as accurate.

Parents also benefit from drug testing products that provide on site results. If you suspect your teen is using drugs, a simple urine drug test after they get home from a party will provide the answers you need. Substance abuse testing used to be reserved to laboratories, but now, anyone can conduct a drug test in order to create a safer and healthier environment for all.

More information about this article can be found at Drug Testing Blog. The article is prepared by Serhat Pala who runs the website TestCountry.comSome of the information used in this article is taken from : Pros and Cons of Different Drug Testing Methods

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